Artist Statement


Kim Triedman, an award-winning poet and novelist, began working in collage, assemblage and mixed media as a way to further indulge her fascination with story.  

"I have always loved old things and I've crafted many of my own artworks out of found and recycled objects.  Windows, in particular, afford a unique and conflicted relationship with the worlds in which we live.  From the vantage point of our constructed lives, they offer both exit and entry -- a peek into the wider world but also a remove from it, an experience of opening that is simultaneously muted and framed and held at bay.  These images change as we change: We move, our lives reconfigure, and suddenly we find ourselves looking out at new invitations, our imaginations stoked by different prospects and contours and colors and light.  Over the course of a lifetime, these outlooks appear and disappear, coming and going like so-many loved ones, mapping our passage through time and space and tying us always to some deep and primal notion of home.

"Most of my collages make use of old and wooden window sashes, which serve as frame and template but also, more critically, conceptual springboard.  For me old windows offer a particularly rich and exploitable template.  Like sudden and unexpected purviews, they open us up to juxtapositions in search of a narrative thread.  They make us dream, wonder, calculate; they allow us access to worlds -- random, teeming, private worlds -- without ever crossing the threshold.  They make of us voyeurs, unwitting or not, of both the world around us and, ultimately, of ourselves.   

"My aesthetic leans to the cynical, my imagination to the odd and visually arresting detail.  Compositions are drawn from places I have known, sometimes through memory but also from my own photography.  My palette is often muted, though - like life - shot through with small urgencies of color."    


Past, Current, and Upcoming Exhibitions


Selected for four-person exhibition with artists Lorraine Sullivan, Anne Plaisance, and Stephen Martin at ArtSpace Maynard ("Waste Not"; October - November 2018), Maynard, MA

"New England Collective IX" (Juried, August 2018).  Group exhibition at Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA

"Up Close and Personal" (Juried, July 2018).  Group exhibition at Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA

Selected for two-person member exhibition with artist Anne Plaisance at  Concord Art Association ("Collage2"; April - May, 2018), Concord, MA

Selected for two-person member exhibition with artist Cynthia Triedman at Newton Free Library (Juried, April - May, 2018)

"Myths, Legends, and Tall Tales" (Juried, March-May, 2018).  Group exhibition at Belmont Gallery of Art, Belmont, MA

"Member Juried 2" (Juried.  Winner, Juror's Prize. February - March, 2018).  Concord Art Association, Concord, MA


“Illuminations” (Juried, December, 2017).  Group exhibition at Gallery Blink, Lexington, MA

Arlington Open Studios (Juried, October 14, 2017).  Group exhibition at Arlington Town Hall, Arlington, MA

“WordPlay” (Juried, September - October, 2017).  Group exhibition at Gallery Blink, Lexington, MA

Annual Members Exhibition (Juried; September-October, 2017).  Group exhibition at Mosesian Center for the Arts, Watertown, MA

“Fay Chandler Emerging Art Awards/Exhibition” (Juried; September, 2017).  Group exhibition at Scollay Square Gallery, Boston City Hall, Boston, MA

“Body Politic” (Juried; August, 2017).  Group exhibition at the Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA

“Connections” (Juried; July – August, 2017).  Group exhibition at the Six Bridges Gallery, Maynard, MA

“Reclaimed,” (Juried; April-July, 2017), Group exhibition at the Mosesian Center for the Arts, Watertown, MA


“A Book About Death,” (2009), Group exhibition at the Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, New York, NY